UpdatedMonday March 29, 2021 bySteve Delgado.


We are sending out this email with some GOOD news. LC Parks and Rec department has started communications with the leagues as far as a re entry plan. The process for this is we as leagues will have 2 meetings with the Parks and Rec department. The first meeting is to go over the league’s Covid-19 safe practices for review. Once all the meetings are completed with all leagues, then a second meeting with all league presidents will be held on April 7th to give each league their approval to play. Permits still have to be submitted and approved by the Parks and Rec department, so at this time no one is guaranteed play.

We will be opening up registration to a limited amount initially. Once we have our permits approved, and can evaluate the field space allotted, we will then look at allowing more registrants to enter league. The Parks and Rec department has communicated that fans will be allowed, however at a very limited capacity. So we as a league will be looking at a streaming service to assist with other family and friends to be able to watch the games.

Once we have attended the second meeting on April 7th and received the go ahead we will send out the final information that has been provided.

I want to thank you all for your patience, it has been a long road, but we are finally in sight of a season.  We are excited to get these kiddos back onto the field! 

Thank you,

Steve Delgado