Updated Tuesday September 12, 2017 by Steve Delgado.

Parents and Coaches,


I wanted to reach out to give some information on the new USA bats that have been released.  LCYBA is currently affiliated with AABC, who is one of the sanctions that only allow the USA BATS.  HOWEVER, AABC only allows certain ages to move forward to State and Regional tournaments that will mandate these bats.  With that said, we are evaluating these bats to determine if we are going to make the change and if so for what ages we will need them in.  PLEASE DO NOT GO OUT AND PURCHASE THESE BATS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.  

We know for sure that 11u up to 14u will be WOOD BAT only, and 14u will need to have a MAX DROP OF -5.

This communication was sent out to all coaches at the beginning of Fall and should had been relayed to all parents as well.  We will know what direction LCYBA will be taking by the end of the Fall League.  Thank you all for your patients and understanding.  

Steve Delgado